We are Apple – a blast from the past

Though I have only been heavily into Mac for about 4 months now I actually have owned a Mac in the past. In late 1983 and early 1984 I worked at an authorized Apple computer store while preparing to drop out of junior college, selling PCs and Apple computers. I was as excited as anyone when the Mac came out and since I worked for an authorized reseller I was able to obtain a Mac at a heavily discounted price. As I recall I paid $2,300 for a 128K Mac and an ImageWriter dot matrix printer. That price also included a big padded carrying case for the Mac.

There was little software available though because we were resellers Apple also included MacPaint and MacWrite. With little to do I amused myself endlessly by grabbing my past coursework from school and creating reports that I could have turned in had I had the Mac when I was still in college. The game changer was just a tad late for my academic career. I ended up getting rid of the Mac a short while later when I landed my first gig writing DOS based applications, then spent the next 24 years in the world of DOS and Windows.
I tell you this little story to set up the video I found yesterday while looking for coverage of the Apple WWDC. Presented at the beginning of 1984 with the release of Mac, I watched this video and was taken back to the time of big hair, alligator shirts with turned up collars and shameless rip offs of the Flashdance song. When you watch this video you will be hard pressed to connect it with the same company that now creates the slick video presentations we see today.
Put on your Way-Back glasses and check out this gem:
Of particular note is the point at marker 2:47 when the guy walks into the office building with a Lisa slung under his arm as though it’s a portable.
To quote Irene Cara: What a feeling.