When Quiting Is The Best Way To Move Forward

Seth Godin is one of my favorite business and marketing  authors because he is a thinker, and a leader…and I am drawn to those types of people. One of his most recent books addresses the problem of well…quiting. More precisely when to quit and why quiting might be good and when sticking it out might not be the best strategy. In everything we do we often come up against a challenge, one that makes us question what and why we are doing what we are doing. Our ability to look deeper into those questions and examine if the fight is worth it, in many cases may open other doors for us we were not able to see when we were hanging on so feverishly. When we are able to answer to the positive, we emerge or maybe are reborn with greater focus, strength and sense of direction.

Take the time to listen to Seth as he talks about “The Dip”.

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