Why does Facebook Want My Cel Phone Number!!!

I have never been a big fan of Facebook. I don't like the idea that all my private thoughts and information become public property.

But I joined. For some reason, we are all crazy busy. I am booked solid until mid-September. Digitalapplejuice haven't been updating as often as we should because, bless us all, we are making money in an otherwise difficult economy. As a result, Facebook has become a quick way to keep up with the other writers, upload a quick image of our last gig or post a link to an interesting news story without getting completely sidetracked in an email or phone call.

Today I tried to become a fan of The Daily Show. WEl, I have always been a fan of The Daily Show- all the way backj to Craig Kilborn. Today I decide to add The Daily Show to my wall.

When I went to comment on JohnBolton's recent interview I discovered that I have to verify my cel phone first.


Why does Facebook Want My Cel Phone Number!?





  1. The question is what if you can’t afford a cell phone or if someone used your cellphone number to verify their account?

  2. SixDegrees says:

    I recently started getting spammed with Facebook demands for my phone number; apparently, this is something new. And it won’t be satisfied with anything else. As a final insult, there is no way to cancel my account, because in order to log in now – you guessed it – I have to provide my phone number. I’m not interested in becoming part of the Facebook Collective, where some huge corporate entity holds control over vast swaths of my personal information. If you want my phone number, pay me. Your service doesn’t provide anything useful enough in return for me to hand it over. To clear out the browser spam, I’ll be adding Facebook to my ‘blocked’ list shortly.

  3. Shah Deeldar says:

    No thank you, Face book! I am not going to give you my phone number. I would be totally fine without the Face book service. It can take a hike!

  4. I’ve closed my Facebook account, the BBC documentary on Mark Zuckerberg did little to change my mind. These .com enterprises are becoming more and more intrusive into your surfing habits. Take a look at Google, not only are they requesting alternative email addresses to “verify” a Gmail account, they now want a phone number as well. Of course this information is used to target you with advertising which is how both Facebook and Google make their money … they can both just *uck-off as far as I’m concerened

  5. There is no good reason for FB to have my phone number. It seems to me that the site tries to regulate on people that like privacy and not give out much information on their account that can be sold or used to track the account holder. Welcome to the police state people. All we can do is continue to try to remain anonymous people. From the posts I have seen, I believe that most of you are with me.

  6. Ya, I agree with all of U! No real good reason FB needs your number. But if you don’t give it to them they will lock U out. Then every place you login through FB locks U out. I heard they want to sell the list since its not just email its everyone’s cell #. Of course they don’t have a right to this but they will try and force U to give it to them anyway. Selling this list is big bucks for FB. F*ck FB!

  7. Jack Goodrich says:

    Facebook blows..forcing people to give out there personal information like there phone number is wrong.

  8. I had a facebook account a long time ago when it first started because a friend asked me to join. I thought it was pretty stupid (I still do) but I did get reacquainted with people I haven’t seen in 30 years which was pretty cool.

    Years later my account was hijacked after facebook lost over 1.5 million passwords including my email password which they DID store. It’s 3 years since I used facebook and I have been doing fine without the aggravation of someone wanting to be my friend ever 5 minutes that I do not know but recently I upgraded all of my personal tech.

    I bought a tablet and an android phone which connect to my pc’s and my notebook as wells as to the GPS in my car and on motorcycle which is pretty cool (I live in a foreign country and no one is after me) .

    The trouble is everything wants to link to facebook. I finally broke down and decided to open a new account but this time lock everything and not add or request friends. Well, in less than 24 hours facebook has locked me out for liking Professor Dr. Stephen Hawking and they want my mobile number.

    Okay I’ll bite… I actually gave them my data sim which can receive texts but I do not use it to send or receive calls… the text never came… I sent the information again and the text never came… I sent the information again and they told me I was trying too hard give it a rest. I checked my email and found a fake looking link that they sent me saying to enter my password to log in right away, not a chance!

    I have had enough, I don’t get paid for this kind of nonsense, my job is easier than this. I think I’ll stick with google+ and hope they put facebook on the bookshelf.

  9. Questioning Facebook says:

    I hope facebook is protecting the minors phone numbers my friends younger daughter gave her number to her phone , not knowing.
    Are they going to try to sell these numbers? Are they asking for peoples numbers who have used a credit card to sell as approved credit people??
    Someone should write into the news channel and ask if this is legal to ask for minors phone numbers because minors play these games.

  10. Hi, I keep getting the popup everytime i want to add a friend or join a grout, etc saying that i need to verify my account by giving them my phone number! With all the privacy issues facebook keeps having and also those companies harvesting millions of peoples information they must be insane if they are getting my phone numbers! What’s wrong with verifying with a email account like everyone else??? My friend john from autumnslist.com said they locked him out because he refused to verify his account by giving up his phone number! What is wrong with facebook, do they think people need their crappy site that bad? Wrong! If they lock me out, then I will be done with them and just spend my time on AutumnsList. At least they don’t play stupid games with your info!
    By the way this is what my friend john gets when he tries to log in:
    Here is his AutumnsList profile page:
    And here is mine:
    So be sure to friend us :)

  11. No…NO…NO… facebook can have an email contact, but NOT a phone number.
    just have to find another way to stay in touch with my friends!

  12. it seems that facebook is now asking for cel phones.after the 2nd time the site asked, i decided that i wasn’t planning on sharing my cel phone number with them. its why i have abandoned my account. talk about big brother…
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  13. probably- dunno- i tried to re-create the issue with my sis’ fb account and i didn’t get the screen requesting my cel phone.
    i wonder how many people forked over their phone numbers?

  14. could this be it? my friend lesli sent me this:

    “[T]oday’s outage is happening at the same time a new version of the Koobface malware was found in the wild,” Paul Henry, a securityresearcher for Lumension Security, wrote in a blog post. “This malware is using both Twitter and Facebook messages to send invitations that are designed to lure potential victims to fake anti-virus web pages. The speculation is that the onslaught of bogus messages that are directing users to malicious pages may in fact be overwhelming Twitter.”



  1. Why does Facebook Want My Cel Phone Number!!!:

    I have never been a big fan of Facebook. I don&#8.. http://bit.ly/wCxj1