Yes WE can…Co-Create a Vision!

hands_creating-400x260 Yes WE can...Co-Create a Vision!

“Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly
affecting the roots of human spirit.”

-Ansel Adams

I got the quote above in an e-mail today and added it to the feelings that have been circulating in my thoughts since last night. For many years I have firmly believed that we all are creative, that we all posses the spark that can turn dull into bright, boring into interesting and night into day. For most of my life I have walked with the wonder of the world of the possibilities that exist everywhere and have been quitely puzzled as to why more don’t see their potential, why most think they need the perfection of the masters before exposing their creative gifts.

On election night, bearing witness to yet another amazing shift I was struck by generational differences, differences in seeing the world, differences in self confidence, differences in turning dreams into reality. You see my generation ( boomer) like so many before us grew up not knowing that it was possible to follow your dream, that success was only defined in terms of money, only interms of left brained linear thinking. Except for the lucky few of us most were repeatedly warned that “you have to be practical” or “you need to get a real job” and even those of us who had supportive teachers and mentors were constantly reminded of the futility of our dreams. Watching the young and old faces in the audience last night I felt blessed to see the energy of the young re-igniting the fading dreams of the old, with each “…yes we can!” I noticed also the unspoken appreciation of the newer generations for the work and foundations put in place with blood, sweat and tears. I saw a generation that no longer seemed to worry about “…being practical” because they knew the importance of being true to themselves, they knew their paths were self created and self navigated…there was a belief and energy present I have only seen glimpses of in my life time.

John Kennedy’s inaugural speech was the first time I saw that glimmer, it was followed by Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream…” speech. While these and other landmark events were key to getting us to where we are today I don’t remember the depth of empowerment that I witnessed last night. That empowerment was inviting us into a new journey alone and together, a journey of co-creation and collaboration, a journey to bring out the best in each of us by giving everyone their own candles to light their path, a journey in which we freely share our light without attachment, without preconditions. This is the shift that occurred last night on the shoulders of a generation that asks “what if..?” or “why not…?” or “what this look like…?” because they know no different.

This is the basis for Open Source Art…empowering everyone to see their own creativity and sharing the result so that we may all grow, so that all may  experience the light, the joy and the reward of creating. Open Source Art is about bringing down the Ivory Tower of intellectualized art and replacing it with it with art that comes from the heart and celebrating the tiniest baby step forward of shy creative.

Finally, I was reminded of Persephone’s journey especially because we are heading into that time of the year, a time many creatives suffer being stuck, a time in which they struggle  heavily often in isolation with self doubt. Their struggle has often been intensified by clinging to a belief that they should not be feeling the way they do. Last night reminded me that nothing has to be the way it is and there is no right way to be creative…there is only our way. Last night reminded me that those afraid of letting their creative side show need not be afraid of judgment, and like Persephone they will emerge from the darkness bringing beauty and change to all of our lives…because in the end we are all artists, shaping our world as we see it and no matter our skill level challenged with the mission to bring beauty into the world… YES WE CAN!!

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 Yes WE can...Co-Create a Vision!

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