We Are Working Artists.

We are a group of Academics and Professional Artists and Photographers who have thoughts and opinions about the digital computer world, and we have in common two things—we all use Apple computers, and we all produce in the digital world.

First, we talked among ourselves about equipment and software, asking one another about the ins and outs of particular hardware and software.  Then we talked about ideas. We had thoughts about the ways our lives have changed in the last fifteen to twenty years as we evolved from typewriters to word processors, from film to digital photography, from snail mail to email, from paint and easel to high-end inkjet printers, and don’t forget telephones over IP.

Our workflow’s have changed, and as that has occurred, even the way we think about creativity has changed.  Those of us who are teaching realize that the way we approach teaching has evolved and bears little resemblance to the 1970’s or 1980’s.  How many of you can remember the purple ditto sheets once used for class handouts?  If you can, you are telling your age.  If you remember mimeograph machines you aren’t quite as old. I don’t see slide projectors much anymore either.

So we asked ourselves what we wanted to talk about?  The answer is simple; we’re always interested in new software and new hardware, but it is the process of production and the end product that most concerns us.  Simply put, it means we want to write tutorials about processes and techniques that will serve to guide one another and serve equally to advance the knowledge and skill level of others who are working their way through various software’s. That’s the beginning.

We want to talk about the creative process in graphic design, photography and in the fine arts and how the computer and the digital camera have influenced them.

We want to talk about the end product–the artistic Statement– and we want to talk about new, emerging artists who use the computer or the digital camera to produce their works of art.  We welcome inquiries from those whose creative processes use the computer or the digital camera.  It may be possible that you can share your work with us, and we can expand all our experiences, both for others and ourselves.

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