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Review: ART TEXT v2.2.2 by Belight Software

Editor’s Note:  Wouldn’t you know? Just as we released this article, a newer 2.3 version with a vector editor has been released. Dr. Roach will review it at a later date.

Back in April, 2009 I last reviewed BeLight’s ART TEXT and found it a useful headline and logo designing tool, but time passes and the new 2.2.2 version appeared as a review copy (from BeLightsoft. Com)on my desk with a new, revamped look and a greater ease of usage. Let me take a moment and restate just what ART TEXT does, and I’ll use BeLight’s own words:

Belight’s ART TEXT version 2.2.2

Where text becomes an art

Art Text is an application to create high quality textual graphics, headings, logos, icons, web site elements and buttons. The result, exported to the most popular formats will become an indispensable part of your presentations, brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and even websites.

NOTE: Art Text retail edition contains 100 additional fonts collection.


  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 80 MB of available hard drive space
  • Printer – inkjet or laser (optional)


  • 200+ editable button, heading, logo and icon templates;
  • Over 100 pre-designed styles to get you started;
  • Collection of 600 vector icons;
  • Over 245 shading materials provide ability to cover any object with a material – any object can get the glassy, plastic or metallic look, it is also possible to control the level of embossing;
  • Option to fill and outline text or artwork with different colors, gradients or textures;
  • Apply shadow and glow effects;
  • Ability to combine text with background image;
  • Warp text using 22 adjustable vector transformation shapes or Bezier splines;
  • Ability to export into a file or clipboard in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG.

At US $39.95 (and with academic pricing available) I think it is a worthwhile addition to the Mac computer desktop, and I think the new look of ART TEXT is worth screen space to take you through all the default design options and effects available.


First there are the premade HEADINGS. Let’s take a look at nine pages of default styles of headings available through their “Headings” option.

[slidepress gallery=’art-text1′]


Now we come to premade buttons which can be used as is, or modified by changing the color, reflection, stroking, or font; we’ve got eleven pages of choices here.

[slidepress gallery=’art-text-2′]


Then there’s ten pages of ICONS for you to choose from; these too, can be modified in the EFFECTS window.. Colors, stroking, gradients—all can be adjusted to your choice.

[slidepress gallery=’art-text-3′]


Finally, there are six pages of LOGOS that can have their colors and text changed at will; all you really have to do is pick lengths of text to match the available space in a suitable theme.

[slidepress gallery=’art-text-4′]

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By Dr. Michael N. Roach

Dr. Michael N. Roach is a retired Professor of Art from Stephen F. Austin State University. His 33 year teaching career spans the silver to digital age. His images have been shown throughout the American South, Russia, Ireland and France; some of them are in the permanent collection of the Combes Gallery at The American University of Paris in France. An avid Mac Computer advocate he teaches workshops on digital imaging and courses in Adobe Photoshop as well as digital printing for the Fine Arts.

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When you compare this program with the “long dead, recently revived” Typestyler (at $180.00) ArtText is not only an elegant program, but also a killer deal!!

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