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Review: ART TEXT v2.2.2 by Belight Software

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Using Art Text

Now, our having made a quick tour of the pre-made templates, we can look at the simple process of taking our own text and adding effects. By selecting the small square at the bottom left of the window, a rectangle appears (shown in green here) that allows you to type your own text. The window indicated in green here will be larger on your screen and will be free-floating and can be moved. Type into that window…

…the text which appears will probably overflow the window and look something like this. Now switch from the EFFECTS window to the GEOMETRY window.

When you have switched to the GEOMETRY window choose FIT TO DOCUMENT to bring you text into the working area.

At this point you may select a geometic shape and draw you lettering into whatever wrap or curvature you want to..

Finally, we selected STROKE and black as the color and set the width to 12.6 on the sliding scale.

We could slect some of the pre-made color and reflection combinations from the STYLES page. These choices appear down the right hand side of the page. However, if we are going to do this we should actally start with STYLES because it will require typing your word back into the type window if you do. In other words STYLES is your beginning point if you want to use a pre-made style. Beginning with EFFECTS is for original design work where you want to specifically control the color(s) and gradiation(s).

Once you have gotten you text or logo to the way you want it, then it is time to export it to your working document where it is handled as a graphic.

Here I have placed the “rapscallion” logo into an Adobe Photoshop image. I simply did this by dragging the image from my desltop onto the picture. Here you can see that they sizing square is still visible because I have not yet clicked on the image to release it.

Here I have clicked on the “rapscallion” image to confirm that it is the size that I want and to “drop” it onto the image.

One thing to add (not as a postscript but an addition to working with an image selected from the predetermined STYLES page) is that once a style is selected a return to the EFFECTS page gives you options in the gradient, color, and reflections for the subject.

There are nine preset menus and the ability to make a material of your own and save it if you desire.

There’s a lot more to ART TEXT than I have shown you here, but those are subtle nuances that can be stroked to really customize what you aare trying to say. I have always thought that the hardest thing to do with any version of ART TEXT is to decide what it is that you really want to do; once you have made that decision the tools aare available to achieve virtually any effect that you want. I particularly like the idea that I can produce a logo or graphic and store it independly and in almost any format that I might need. If I save the original in high enough resolution then scaling it for other uses is a snap.

There’s a demonstration version available that’s watermarked but which will allow you to fully explore ART TEXT and I recommend that you give it a shot if you are a Mac owner. It makes complex graphics possible without the necessity of owning either a high end vector or raster graphics program. Check it out at along with its compaion programs.. Oh yeah, for school instructors, ask about academic pricing.


By Dr. Michael N. Roach

Dr. Michael N. Roach is a retired Professor of Art from Stephen F. Austin State University. His 33 year teaching career spans the silver to digital age. His images have been shown throughout the American South, Russia, Ireland and France; some of them are in the permanent collection of the Combes Gallery at The American University of Paris in France. An avid Mac Computer advocate he teaches workshops on digital imaging and courses in Adobe Photoshop as well as digital printing for the Fine Arts.

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When you compare this program with the “long dead, recently revived” Typestyler (at $180.00) ArtText is not only an elegant program, but also a killer deal!!

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