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Recession Proofing Your Studio- Pt. 1

Whether you believe we are in a recession or you are simply seeing a slow down in your business, are you going to kick back and hope the phone starts ringing or wait for our government to help you out? The governments plan of course is to stimulate the economy by pouring money into it by issuing tax rebates to all US taxpayers, most of which have been delivered by now. Whether you agree with this philosophy or not, if you have been losing sleep wondering where your next job is coming from, you need to do more than sit by the mailbox waiting for a $600 check from Uncle Sam.

It never ceases to amaze me every time I am at a gathering with another group of photographers, whether at a convention, an association meeting or just the local camera store, the news is almost always the same–”I’m so slow.” “The phone is just not ringing.” “The economy sucks.” “Nobody wants to spend any money.”