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Need to shorten URLs? Give a try

I always ignored URL shortening services in the past; what was the point? My e-mail systems always seemed to handle URLs automatically, forums that I frequented usually shortened the URLs for me and more often than not if I needed a URL in a blog post I created a hyperlink. It wasn’t until I started using Twitter quite a bit that I started to appreciate a really small URL. When you have 140 characters to express your thoughts and you are as verbose as I am, every single character counts.

Not long ago I noticed a buddy using to shorten his URLs. Up until then I always thought of but 5 fewer characters in the domain name alone is substantial so I thought I’d give it a try. I give it my long URL, it gives me back a short URL and then I send that out to people. End of story, right?

Well, not quite. does two things that have made it a top service for me, one that I use frequently and recommend to friends. The first is that they provide a small JavaScript link that can be added to your browser’s toolbar. If you are parked on a page you would like to share with others just click on the toolbar button and a dynamic page will load over your existing page, giving you the shortened URL.

The reason I really like though is that it has dynamically updated click-through stats. Since I have no control over traffic I link up through Twitter and other services I can see how many people have clicked on a link I have provided. I can also see which conversations have referenced it, something that’s handy if you want to see how people are forwarding around something.

If you happen to hit a URL that has already been “’d” then you’ll see the click through stats on it as well. Needless to say services like are taking URL shortening to a completely different level.

Got a URL shortening service you really like? Drop a note in the comments and share! And if you’re not already doing it feel free to follow me on Twitter through DAlison.