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Best Camera for Budding Wedding Photographer

MTaylor816 (who recently became a DigitalAppleJuice follower) twittered :

Ok photogs… what is the best DSLR to buy for starting out as a wedding photographer? Googling this made my head explode.

We have a distinguished group of working photographers associated with DigitalAppleJuice, so  I emailed our band of merry  with this question.

Van Redin (Stills Photographer for the movie industry) said:

Hi Madbadcat
It depends on how much you can spend.
As usual you get what you pay for!
If you want the best and can afford it,
the Nikon D3x is as good as they get.
One step down is the Nikon D3.
If you want a really good camera while paying less the D700 is still a full size sensor and around $2700.
A good model which is not a full size sensor and also does HD video is the Nikon D90 or the D5000.
For my money if I was starting out I would try and get the D700 if I could afford it.
All can be found @
Hope this helps!

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Britt Stokes (Architectural Photographer) said:

For my money, I would get the Nikon D700. If I was a Canon shooter, I would get the EOS 5D Mark III.


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I’ll post more as they write back.

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If I were going to recommend a camera for a wedding photographer who’s actually to the point where he’s making money, but not a lot of it, I’d recommend the Canon 30D. Solid camera, good performance, reasonable price.

I’m a wedding photographer, I’ve been using 5d MkI and 30D combination flawlessly for 2-3years. It will be time to upgrade soon, the 7d would be more than adequate, the 5d MKII would be excellent. Still like others, I think the D700 is the prime camera for weddings and for the money.

However, no camera body will be any good unless you have quality glass to go with it. Investing in good glass should be a top priority.

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