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Evernote for your iPad

Okay Mac addicts, if you’re still debating the necessity of Apple’s new iPad, I know how you feel. Heart telling you “GO GET IT”, head asking “DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS?”

Well, playing for the heart team, Evernote, has given you just one more reason the iPad can be handy for just about everyone. Here is what the iPad and Evernote, together, can to do keep your life organized on the go…

Evernote for the iPad

  • View and access all your notes, even those created on desktop, web and phone
  • Create text, camera roll, and voice notes. You can even type while recording audio
  • Browse through your notes by tags, notebooks, and location
  • Quickly find your notes by location using Evernote’s map view


  • Designed for the Apple iPad
  • iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later




Tweeters for Evernote

For those tweeters out there, you can now use your favorite social media soundboard to send notes to Evernote. Here’s more info from Evernote on how to get started…

Now you can send your tweets directly into Evernote. Why is this cool? Because Twitter is chock-full of great stuff. Your ideas, thoughts, and experiences mixed together with all of the content from the people you follow.

Thanks to the Evernote-Twitter integration, you can easily capture the tweets you like: your own or those showing up in your stream. Plus, as an added bonus, you can now send yourself a quick note right from Twitter –no need to do any of that pesky app switching. Here’s how…

Say ‘Hello’ to @myEN

Evernote now lets you send public Twitter messages, and private Direct Messages, right into your Evernote account for searchable, permanent safekeeping. It’s called myEN, and here’s how it works.

Setting up myEN

First, you’ll need an Evernote account. It’s free. Get yours now »

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter (you will need a Twitter account)
  2. myEN will follow you back, and send you a DM with a link
  3. Click the link, sign into Evernote, and connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts

If you have a protected Twitter account, then do the following: follow myEN, accept myEN’s follow request, then send myEN a DM. After that, go to step 3 above.

How to use myEN

For Public tweets: Add @myEN to the body of any public tweet

For Direct Messages: Send a DM to myEN to create a new note in Evernote

Tip: Retweet something you like and add @myEN to save it into Evernote.

It usually takes under a minute for a message to show up in your Evernote account, depending on how Twitter is feeling.

SMS notes

Thanks to Twitter’s built-in SMS support, you will now be able to send notes into Evernote from any mobile phone, anywhere in the world. In the US, text message “d myEN [your note]” to 40404 (you will need a Twitter account to do this). Go here to see your country’s Twitter SMS number.

Tweets with Twitpics

A popular way to embed photos into Twitter messages is with Twitpic. If a tweet that you send to Evernote contains a Twitpic URL, a thumbnail of the photo will show up in Evernote along with a link to the original image. Nice.

API developers take note: This integration now adds Twitter to the, ever-growing, list of ways to interact with Evernote, and by extension your apps. Think about it. There are tons of great possibilities.

How fast is it?

The speed with which your notes get into Evernote depends on how you send them and how bogged down Twitter happens to be at the time. Direct messages (DM) to myEN will almost always get into your Evernote account in a minute or two, while public @myEN replies can sometimes take 30 minutes. Either way, don’t worry, the tweets will be there by the time you need to remember them again.”

By Wendy Arnold

My name is Wendy Arnold, owner of Arnold Graphic Design, a small design studio in Atlanta, Georgia.
I am also a Wife and Mom of two beautiful children. Web and print graphics, as well as advertising design are my passions, and my artistic brain is never at rest. When I am not involved with my agency you will find me painting, dabbling in interior design, and just recently branching out into the world of digital photography.