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Getting Organized: Simple To Do Apps

Being a very busy business owner of two, mother of two and wife, I am doing good to remember to brush my teeth in the morning!  On most days, I have 5-6 shifts, jumping from one hat to the other.  I joke and say that I need an assistant just to remind me to go  to the bathroom. All that to say, any handy tools I come across to keep me organized so that nothing takes second seat in my life, I at least check out.  Most I implement into my daily routine.  Evernote has been a lifesaver for storing and taking notes, especially when I am on the run. However, it is not as handy at making lists.  So, in search of something to help me not only organize but prioritize, I ironically came across “Simple ToDo” and again “SimpleTODO

The name for both says it all.  They are very simple applications for organizing all of your To-Do’s. Both dashboards are very petite and non intrusive so they allow you to leave them open at all times to add to edit your lists easily.

Here is how they work…

simpletodo by mesamysql

This application allows you to not only document each task you have by simply clicking on a line and typing, but also allows you to assign them to different lists as to keep your “shifts” separate. You can even go further by color coding the items in your list to organize by person, by order of priority, etc.  Here are examples of my three lists.

Features/Advantages of ToDo list #1 as listed on the download site…

  •  Manage any number of lists in one window
  • Edit a list description or status without scribbling or erasing
  • Copy and paste list items to any other program
  • Reorder lists at any time
  • Reorder a list’s ITEMS at any time
  • Assign a priority to list items and sort by priority
  • Assign a status to list items and sort by status
  • Define your own Priority value list
  • Define your own Status value list
  • Select viewing of list titles from Tab or Popup
  • Set item color, caps, bold, italic, and indent from toolbar
  • Print lists or selected items to any size paper
  • Print lists to Franklin page sizes
  • Perform list functions from the menu: Delete All, Enter First Open Cell, Insert Row, Delete Selected Rows, Delete Empty Rows, Remove all ‘Done’ Rows, Toggle List Window

To download this helpful too, go to  
Cost is  $10.00, but there is a trial version if you want to compare it to our other TODO before purchasing.


simpleTODO by julius eckert

Okay now this one further defines simple.  It does not have all the features as the first in that you can not add columns, print, color code, etc. but you can add “categories or shifts” however you want to call them and organize your lists within those categories. For some people this is all they need. Personally, I love that it is so small and and pops on and off screen as you need it.  I am not much for clunky, over detailed applications so this is more than enough for me.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to help you maneuver quicker:

  • Up/Down: Select Tasks/Labels
  • CMD+Up / CMD+Down: Move selected Task/Label up or down
  • Enter: Edit Task/Label
  • Space: Check or uncheck selected Task. Show or hide selected Label.
  • Esc: Select Nothing

To download this simple too, go to   
Cost: FREE!

Have fun listing!

By Wendy Arnold

My name is Wendy Arnold, owner of Arnold Graphic Design, a small design studio in Atlanta, Georgia.
I am also a Wife and Mom of two beautiful children. Web and print graphics, as well as advertising design are my passions, and my artistic brain is never at rest. When I am not involved with my agency you will find me painting, dabbling in interior design, and just recently branching out into the world of digital photography.

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