Jane Campbell on roots and influences

First, tell me about your work? My work is full of color, fun, it’s folky but with a modern/contemporary edge. 90% of the time I sit down to a blank canvas, nothing drawn out or preconcieved, and…



il_430xN_1First, tell me about your work?

My work is full of color, fun, it’s folky but with a modern/contemporary edge. 90% of the time I sit down to a blank canvas, nothing drawn out or preconcieved, and I paint until I’m happy. My angels come to life on their own. Their eyes usually follow you, have a different expression on each side of their face, & uneven whimsical features which I feel gives them a special character & it makes me love painting them. They are my favorite. My folk art crabs, mermaids, & florals are inspired by my Carolina roots.
I love painting on an imperfect canvas. Especially wood that is destined for the dumps or canvas that has been covered in fine sand. It’s the organic quality & rough texture that draws me to it and the feeling it gives me to turn waste into something wonderful.

What mediums have you worked in and which is your favorite?

I work with oils & acrylics. Working with oils is truly my favorite, however, most of my work is done with acrylics for the easeil_430xN of drying time.
I also enjoy photography, altering photographs, clay work, sewing, knitting, crochet, & hand embroidery.

How did you get started?

I started painting when I was 13. Let’s just say that was a long time ago and leave it at that. I have always painted for myself, family, friends or just because my spirit needed me to. I dreamed of being able to paint for a living nearly all my life. It was when I found myself unemployed November 2007 that I decided to go for it. When my paintings started selling online I was amazed, flattered & compelled to keep painting. I am now living my dream. I have never worked as long and hard but never have been this happy either.

il_430xN_2Who has influenced/inspired your art work?

Walt Sorenson, a retired Art Director at Disney was a huge influence. His portrait classes instilled my love and appreciation of the human face. I no longer follow all of his rules as I once did. I like the freedom of being quirky instead of realistic.
It would be impossible for me to chose a favorite artist but these are some of my favorites, not necessarily in order: Edward Hopper, Jack Vettriano, Winslow Homer, Maxfield Parrish, Michael Parks, Alphonse Mucha, Claude Monet, Henry Matisse, Diego Rivera, Raphael and of course Piccasso.

jane campbell on influences

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Bill Created The after 15 years as a working clay artist and photographer led him to question the standard ways artists market their work. In 2004 along with 3 other artists, Brenna Busse, Erika Mock,and Frank Barr, he explored ways to educate the public about the value of hand made work and fine art. Brenna and Erika are contributing writers to The ARTISTScenter.
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