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Just A Book About Sun-Dried Tongues

OK, off the Mac adventures for a minute. A friend of mine named Bob Ragsdale is undertaking a new venture, promoting his book titled "Sun-Dried Aardvark-Tongue Swizzle-Sticks" exclusively through his web site. Bob has what could be described as a "dry" sense of humor.

If you wonder what J. Peterman from Seinfeld would do if confronted with how to manage endangered species, you should check it out.

By David Alison

I bought my first Mac almost 24 years ago when DOS ruled the world. I didn't keep it too long though. I was just kicking off my career as a software engineer and needed to go with PCs. I bought my 2nd Mac in February of 2008. I didn't expect that I would find myself using the machine as much as I have. It's not that I hate Windows (well, I pretty much hate Vista but XP is a fine OS), it's just that I find myself constantly playing with this machine.

I'll share with you here my experiences of making the move from Windows to Macintosh. I still have a foot in both worlds, hence the name of my section.

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Interesting that this post is in the Parallel desktop discussion as last night I was working on the Aardvark Tongue website using Parallels to switch between Safari, and IE6 to ensure browser compatibility for the site. I had just installed Crazy Egg web analytics. It made a mess of the IE6 rendering of my homepage so I removed the script. The site is now being monitored with Google analytics only, and is still as dry and as senseless as ever.


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