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MacHeist Bundle 3…is it for artists?

Last week I talked breifly about the MacHeist bundle something I generally take part in. Since then, I’ve received a few questions asking about the literacy level of the apps. So first, they are pretty basic but more importantly the question you …


ner herd2 MacHeist Bundle it for artists?Last week I talked breifly about the MacHeist bundle something I generally take part in. Since then, I’ve received a few questions asking about the literacy level of the apps. So first, they are pretty basic but more importantly the question you should be asking yourself is whether the apps will help you do what you do.

I generally buy the bundle for two reasons: 1. It’s a good cause and 2. It is a really good way to get some higher priced software at a much discounted rate. Every bundle I have purchased has included at least one app that was well worth the purchase price of the whole bundle. However, and this is a BIG HOWEVER I work on my computer all day and use lots of different apps to do what I do, so I know my needs. This bundle offered several apps that are promising for making my life easier…so I snatched it up.

Since I am focused on helping artists and one of the things that seems to be hanging many folks up, is the whole Zapplication process as in resizing images, I have been on the lookout for simple inexpensive graphic programs that help artists.

So..with artists and the uses of the applications in mind I have put together a little guide here to help you decide.

Graphics/Image manipulation


This app is great for creating quick and easy presentation formats for images, but not much more. You can use it to create those funky perspectivezed images that are part of OSX Leopard.

picturesque MacHeist Bundle it for artists?


This app is really like a very tiny version of some of Photohop’s best tricks, you can apply layers, add text, apply some cool filter effects that Photoshop doesn’t do easily and as with Picturesque you can do all of these likety-split. BUT you can’t do the canvas resize, make square, with black ground thing demanded by Zapp….Bummer!


Wire Tap Studio

This is an audio program that has had pretty good reviews, I’ve been looking for one that is easy to use, so the price was right anything is better than  Garage Band. I haven’t had a chance to really jump in to it but it does look promising so far and a lot less counter intuitive tha either Garage Band or Audacity.



This a 3D animation software and once you figure out how to use it you’ll be able to create some pretty cool stuff. The learning curve on this one looks to be pretty high even for a geek like me. Once you learn it though you’ll be able to pretty easily make some slick effects for videos especially if you want to use them on your blog.

kinemac MacHeist Bundle it for artists?


If you always wanted to have your own TV show this is the way to go. Say you want to record a video cast for your blog or site that shows you doing your thing, just connect your cameras, find somebody to man the keyboard and mouse and off you go. It is really designed for Podcasters and on-line video production that is done live and be edited in real time. Seriously…this could be fun to use and definitely add a touch to your blog that few other artists will have.

boinx MacHeist Bundle it for artists?



This a very basic web site builder and editor, and it is made by the same folks as CSSedit a great app for editing CSS on or off line. Espresso will be a good fit for someone who knows just enough to be dangerous and wants to know more about web development. By focusing on crisp workflow that makes sense it looks promising both as a regular tool and a learning device.

Odds & Sods

Little Snapper

a screen grab app but to be honest it kept crashing, anyway for what I do I prefer Skitch which is FREE!!

Hit List

a basic task manager (todo list manager) I use the Omni-Outliner which comes with most Macs.


Now… don’t get me wrong these are all outstanding apps …just make sure you need what they have to offer, If so then put your money down and hit the download button!!

pixy MacHeist Bundle it for artists?

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