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Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

So far we have talked about Twitter and building a following by finding the right followers and developing your connections with them. We are almost done with this part of of our marketing…


paper_typing_torn-400x171 Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

So far we have talked about Twitter and building a following by finding the right followers and developing your connections with them. We are almost done with this part of of our marketing strategy. Today I want to re-visit the overall strategy as well as focus on some on going things you should be doing after you have your Twitter following going.

Strategic summary or where are we going again?

When we started on this journey I described the two general courses of action:

  • Attraction
  • Pro-action

I also suggested that the primary base of your efforts should be a blog because that is where your followers will be able to connect with your work and with you. Your blog should reflect you, your style and your values (as reflected in your art). Setting up your blog to broadcast you will play a key role in successfully attracting your Perfect People.

The proactive part of the formula is where Twitter and Facebook reside. Twitter is almost 100% pro-active used alone but when linked up with your blog and Facebook it becomes the your RadioArt station on your frequency and letting you not only broadcast but also listen to your People.

Facebook on the other hand can serve both as a limited base to listen, broadcast and interact with your People. On Facebook you can Pro-actively seek out Your Perfect People and have a place where people on the same path as you can still find you. While Facebook is a somewhat closed environment (you need to join to interact with others) a link with Twitter will increase your reach to a broader audience.

It is important to know that THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY to begin, so if you are reluctant to start blogging then Twitter or Facebook are excellent ways to get used to “putting yourself out there”. Twitter is a good exercise in brevity while Facebook will give you practice in building a home for your People.

The Success Trinity

If you really want to use all of your potential then you will need to learn and utilize:

  • Your blog
  • Your Twitter
  • Your Facebook

These three when used together are the key elements of your success there are other elements we will talk about later but these three are critical. Of course you can choose not to use all three, you just won’t be as successful.

What is next with Twitter

twitter-artistscircle-400x240 Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

Friday we talked about automating tweets as a means of building buzz and also keeping your People connected to you. I had already established the beginning of a following and I showed you how to be selective. Over the weekend I returned to Twellow and focused a little finer to identify potential People. This time my criteria was:

  • To  find artists represented in the main media types we offer in our shows
  • People who had checked “art” as a category of interest.
  • People with high follower counts regardless of their interest in art ( I selected those who were not internet marketing focused as much as possible)

twittercounter-400x295 Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

As the followers grew I periodically reviewed them and  not “following” those I felt not appropriate to our goal. The results above, show our following as of 02/16. You can also see that the beginning time period is shown as the 13th because that is when I set up the Twittercounter tracking and we had enough followers to track. As you can see with very little time involvement I was able to go from 2 followers on 02/12 to a current number of  101.

Other tactics
Be easy to follow

  • Put a “follow me” link on your blog
  • Put a similar link on your newsletter if you have one
  • Put a link to your Twitter account in your e-mail signature
  • Put your all of your contact points on everything that touches potential buyers

Use Social Proof
Once you reach over 100 followers on Twitter go to Twittercounter enter your information and copy and paste the counter into your blog side bar preferrably below your “follow me” link.

Also go to Twittergrader and enter your Twitter user name and get your “twitter Grade”. Once you surpass 90 copy and paste the  “Twitter Grade badge” below your Twitter counter badge.

twittergrader-399x234 Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

So what is next? In order to maintain these followers and keep the connections we will need to tweet regularly. We do this by using the Trinity and our Attraction and Pro-active strategies:

  • Blog regularly no less than twice per week
  • We tweet regularly a minimum  average of +/- 60 min per week
  • We connect on Facebook once or twice a week.

That’s about it. Remember the purpose of this strategy is to build relationships so that you have a following Your Perfect people wherever you go to show. Our next area of focus will be Facebook so stay tuned……

 Marketing Monday: Twitter strategizing rehash

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