Mining the Twitterverse with minimal time

Twitter is one of the best and easiest tools to use to crete a network for your business…but many artists I talk with either a) see it as a time suck b) see it as a toy for kids or c) don’t see …

twitter3 Minning the Twittterverse with minimal timeTwitter is one of the best and easiest tools to use to crete a network for your business…but many artists I talk with either a) see it as a time suck b) see it as a toy for kids or c) don’t see it as part of their job description.

The biggest of the three objections seems to be time suck but I think maybe they are all wrapped into one giant apprehension based on lack of knowledge with maybe a little fear mixed in. Just because you are afraid of being sucked into a day of twittering and tweets doesn’t mean it will happen…yoiiu do have control over how you spend your time! So today lets take a look at how you can build a viable network with out making it into a time suck.

The right stuff…will make the difference
To really make this work you’ll need a good third party application like Tweetdeck, twirl or the new one. Why not use the web? Because it sucks plan and simple, to much clicking,to much time waiting for page loads or re-loads. What makes these third party apps great is that you can speed tweet with them very easily by customizing the interface to how you work and you can make your twittering count in more than one way.
Since I use Tweetdeck and Nambu I’m going to frame everything in that context.

My priorities

  • Find content worth sharing with my followers
  • Support my peeps by spreading link luv through RTs and #FF
  • Reply to my peeps with encouragement and support
  • Share my own content

The when and what

Pick a time of day you are the least productive in what you normally do, for me it’s my morning cup/s. I’m normally not worthing of doing anything productive much before 10 am so I use that time to for twittering and no it is not 3 hours. So… I settle in with my java at my side and skim my twitter feed looking for interesting content first from folks I have come to know. I keep an eye out for tips, retweets, references to web content. When I find good tips I’ll click the link to save it to my browser, then retweet it so my friends get some twitter luv. Time spent 10-15 minutes

If you have a smart phone like an iPhone and you find yourself sitting in a doc’s office or waiting for your lunch date just fire up the appropriate twitter app and get to it. I use Twittalator Pro and Nambu and what I mostly do is mine the feed for useful info which I then add to my favs to check out later on Tweet deck.

You can spend even less time by limiting your self to  no more than 3 re-tweets and save the rest for another session.

Make your tweets multi purpose

Now that a lot of “connect” type things are surfacing almost on a daily basis  there is no reason not to use their connective power to spread your network wider. Tweetdeck now offers Facebook status updates simultaneous to your tweets and if you are on Friend feed your tweets will also be picked up and spread through that network.

Focus on folks who  are useful to your network

Don’t spend time RTing or following tweeps who have nothing to contribute to your network or to that you care about. You don’t have to follow everybody who decides to follow you…let attrition take care of the spammers, money marketers and other unsavory characters who bring nothing to your table. Focus on the tweeps you’d like to hang with.

Share good stuff

A couple of times a week share something you have done or find interesting, something you know your peeps would like. It could be a blog you just read, or that piece you are working on… Go ahead you know you are interesting otherwise you have a follower count of “0″!!

Here’s the drill again

  • Get Tweet Deck or other 3rd party app
  • Skim the feed
  • RT good content to your peeps
  • Do interesting stuff off of twitter
  • Share that interesting stuff
 Minning the Twittterverse with minimal time
tafbutton bluetxt16 Minning the Twittterverse with minimal time

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By TheArtistsCenter

Bill Weaver is an award winning photographer, visual artist and designer. Bill has worked as an artist, designer, teacher and photographer beginning at a very young age. His mother was a prolific painter and his father was an architect/engineer and inventor. Bill began photography at the ripe age of 8 when he successfully talked his father into letting him use one of his WWII “liberated” cameras from then on he has seldom put a camera down. He was recently informed by his 89 yr old father that the circa 1930 enlarger he used through college was still available! He also started drawing and painting at an early age using everything from watercolor to charcoal. He combined his visual awareness in graduate school where he first learned his love of design.

Bill Created The after 15 years as a working clay artist and photographer led him to question the standard ways artists market their work. In 2004 along with 3 other artists, Brenna Busse, Erika Mock,and Frank Barr, he explored ways to educate the public about the value of hand made work and fine art. Brenna and Erika are contributing writers to The ARTISTScenter.
He also can be found on his photography blog and his photography site

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