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More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

A couple of days ago I was alerted to new Twitter client thing to help you with your twitterings  the big whoop about this is that it is exclusive for Mac users and designed to work like a normal Mac applications. While I still have a lot of …


twitterbirds More Twitter stuff for Mac TweetersA couple of days ago I was alerted to new Twitter client thing to help you with your twitterings  the big whoop about this is that it is exclusive for Mac users and designed to work like a normal Mac applications. While I still have a lot of affection for TweetDeck it does have some issues that I don’t like…mainly its’ resource vacuuming tendencies and unwillingness to let go of memory. The latest release addressed the memory issue and seemed to have improved its’ ability to play with other applications.

Anyway, this new Mac focused app is called Nambu and while it is in public beta ( which means it is still being tested) is promising. The primary thing I like is that it  lets me manage more than one Twitter account without logging in and out. So here is the skinny on it from my current use.

Multiple views

While Tweet Deck offers multiple column views using them has always semed clunky no the case with Nambu. A click of the Mac like interface button will change to another view.  The views are:

Combined view
This is basically a column showing your stream. You can use this to keep it open stuck in a corner of your screen and ready ffor you to check at a glance. This view shows you the feeds from all accounts you have and can be just a little distracting…

combine view More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Outline or sidebar view
This view looks alot like the finder view in that it shows two columns, the first of which is similar to your folder Finder folder structure which allows you to click on and open folders. The outline view lets you change between Mentions (@replies) private (DMs) sent tweets favs etc. Without opening up the shebang.

sidebar More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Multi-column view
Just as the name sugggests you can have as many columns open as you like and you can create your own by segmenting your followers into business, family and friends. This view takes up the most screen real estate. This view would not be good for a 13″ Macbook screen!!
full view More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Multiple twitter accounts

As I mentioned it lets you easily move between multiple twitter accounts. Since I manage another Twitterr account this feature is worth its weight in gold for me. more logging in and out!!

accounts More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Multi service management

Currently you can manage your friend feed account and account along with For artists having available within one twitterr client will save time by letting you set up and schedule tweets without going into your browser.
services More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Screen updates using Growl

If you use the FireFox facebook plug in you know how handy it is to have status updates appear on your screen without having to be in Facebook. Nambu offers a similar experience by showing follower updates in a corner of your screen…not sure I like this but it can be toggled on/off through the preferences panel.

Mac  OS X like interface

As I mentioned ealier the interface is very much like a normal Mac application and responds similarly to some of the Mac mouse commands at least I’m used to using.  A right mouse click over tweets will open a contextual menu that lets you select from a list of choices including follow/unfollow, retweet, reply, groups, favorites etc….very handy indeed.

The menu bar icons also reflect the Mac interface making it more intuitive for us die hard Mac users. Finally, the dock icon regularly keeps track of the number tweets in your stream.

fullcol More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Real-time updates

A feature that is lacking on many Twitter client apps is real time updates, most up date periodically resulting in a time lag. I have to say that while the real-time update is cool, the speed of updates and resultant shift in tweet positions are just a little trying on these old dyslexic eyes. On the up side, it does force me to keep moving thereby reducing the time spent twittering.


Another of the cool features Nambu has is the ability to pull photos from anywhere on your computer and not just Twitpic other web based apps. The time savings here is obvious since you don’t have to upload a photo to an online service.

Url shortening

One of the things I like about TweetDeck is the built in URL shortening just copy paste and click the “shorten” button and your have a shortened URL automatically added to your tweet. Nambu eliminated the extra paste step by inserting a link button which automatically shortens any URL in the tweet. Also very nice is the ability to see the base URL, just mouse over the clipped one and you’ll be shown a bubble (see below) that reveals all.

shorten url More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Comment threading

Nambu also offers a way to see the root URL when you mouse over a shortened URl and a tooltip bubble shows up listing the entire URL.This feature is really nice if you can’t remember who you replied to and what it was about, when that person replies back you can now know what the @#!! they are talking about!!

convo threads More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

What I miss that tweetdeck has is the ability to click on a user name and see their profile and listing of most recent tweets along with the option to follow/unfollow. Add this feature to Nambu and I’d use it everyday!! Likewise add multi account and service feature to Tweet Deck and I wouldn’t hesitate to jumpship.

Update &correction  from Nambu

Shortly after this post I received a comment from Nambu pointing out that indeed one could access a user profile and after playing with it discovered another way to quickly get the info. First to get it quickly just mouse over the profile photo and a text bubble pops up to summarize the user’s profile (see below).

profile More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

If you want more info just click on the photo and the following dialog box opens so you can snoop around more.

mrtweet More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

Need I mention the value of as representative of the software caring enough to correct me!! That in itself speaks volumes.


Since this application is in Beta use it at your own risk, and expect bugs, & crashes. Nambu is making regular improvements that promise to morph into a great Twitter client.

 More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

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tafbutton bluetxt16 More Twitter stuff for Mac Tweeters

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