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My daughter got my MacBook

David’s Note: A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a MacBook Pro, which enabled my youngest daughter to obtain my beloved MacBook for her 13th birthday. Julia has always been comfortable around computers and loves to explore what’s possible with them. If my wife has a technical problem on her machine and I’m not around then Julia is second tier technical support. I have no idea where she gets that from.

One of my conditions in giving her the MacBook was that after she had it for a few days that she write up her impressions for me so that I could put them in my blog. She happily complied and provided the article below. The title and all of the text are hers, not mine, with just a couple of minor edits.

Once you get a Mac you can’t go back to Windows

By Julia Alison

I finally got my first MacBook. It is very nice looking, clean, neat, simple, just all around beautiful. The machine itself is very good, I like the feel of the keyboard, and the nice big trackpad, it is very convenient. I am used to using a Dell laptop, there are some things that are very different about this machine that I will have to get used to but over all it is great.

Some things that bother me are the right clicking, it is different because you don’t just right click, you can set it to holding two fingers on the pad and clicking and that is different but not that bad. I know I will get used to it, so it really isn’t that big of a deal. Some other little things are not being able to maximize the windows to fit the screen.

I really like this machine. I like the clean simple way it is set up with the dock at the bottom. If you think the dock is to big or too small, you can change the size, which is very convenient. I like all the keystrokes, like Command-Space to bring up Spotlight, Command-Q to close the application, Command-W to close a window, and many more. Another thing that is so convenient is Spaces, you can have six documents opened on its own screen by hitting F5, or whatever you set yours to.

I like that when you want to scroll you can use two fingers and scroll, up, down, or side to side. I went on one of the laptops we have, an HP with Windows XP, and it was so weird not being able to scroll by just using two fingers. It was also weird when I went to close by pushing Command-Q and I couldn’t, I had to go all the way up to the right corner, which might not seem big but I could have saved on time and energy on a Mac.

After spending a while with my MacBook I have gotten used to the size of the screen and I actually like it better, because you still can have more documents opened on the same screen, if needed. I also have gotten used to the right clicking, I have gotten so used to it that I do it by habit, it is just natural now. I really love everything about this machine.

Photo Booth
Photo Booth is another fun item on my Mac. Whether you’re taking a picture for your blog, a website, or just for fun, it offers so much. Between a normal picture with color choices, or weird effects, to being on a nice beach. Photo Booth is also great for making little movies.

I personally love iChat. I love the way it is set up and how clean it looks. It is so easy to communicate now. I love video chat through iChat too. It is so easy to talk and it is so straight forward to use.

Overall I love my MacBook, it is definitely my favorite machine. It is something everyone should have, a nice sleek Mac.

So there you have it, the impressions of a freshly minted 13 year old Mac switcher. Now I can start working on my wife and son.

By David Alison

I bought my first Mac almost 24 years ago when DOS ruled the world. I didn't keep it too long though. I was just kicking off my career as a software engineer and needed to go with PCs. I bought my 2nd Mac in February of 2008. I didn't expect that I would find myself using the machine as much as I have. It's not that I hate Windows (well, I pretty much hate Vista but XP is a fine OS), it's just that I find myself constantly playing with this machine.

I'll share with you here my experiences of making the move from Windows to Macintosh. I still have a foot in both worlds, hence the name of my section.

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