MacOsX previews Mac OS X Lion 10.7

I was about to write about zapping unwanted apps or publish another section of Roach’s Intro to Photoshop, but Matt Braga’s  review of the upcoming Lion made my tail wag. Considering I drag my feet when it comes to upgrading, it must be special, yes?

Just the visual presentation of information on the About This Mac page is enough to make any graphic designer happy, but don’t miss out on the new crash handling . Wow! It lets you keep working!

Read it all : The 10 Best Things About OS X Lion 10.7 Developer Preview

One reply on “ previews Mac OS X Lion 10.7”

Looks like incremental adjustments mostly, but refining the interface is what Microsoft has had so much trouble with over the years. I’ll probably upgrade… about a month after it hits the street and after the first patches are available.

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