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Real time Twitter strategy

This will be a live(relatively speaking) series demonstrating my actual use of Twitter as part of a marketing and promotion campaign. The campaign is for an arts organization I help, it’s…

This will be a live (relatively speaking) series demonstrating my actual use of Twitter as part of a marketing and promotion campaign. The campaign is for an arts organization I help, it’s name is Artists’ Circle and it puts on three shows here in the Twin cities each year. The organization is entirely artist run their first show is coming up in March and the next in the summer. The organization had very limited web presence until last spring when I set up their blog, they have little or no presence on Facebook and until yesterday did not have an active Twitter account.

The Strategy:

Step 1- get followers

Total time +/- an hour

  • Finding and following  art friendly or artist twitter members who were geographically accessible to our shows as either artists or potential buyers.
  • Listed the Artists Center Twitter page with Twellow and

To do this I used: Twellow and searched using Art and Minnesota as key words which produced a list of Twitter users in Minnesota who listed themselves under the category “Art”. I then skimmed the listing for active users, users who had tweeted regularly indicating they were regular users and clicked the “follow” button.

Because 99% of people being followed usually follow back our followers went from 0 to 20 in less than 24 hours.I’ll continue looking for potential followers a couple of hours a week max.

Step 2 Set- up the communications channels and schedule message releases

Total time a little over an hour.

To do this I used: and I chose to use both as a test but you really only need to use one. Hootsuite allows you to have more than one Twitter account  but Tweetlater also uses RSS as a means of sending out your announcements… Either will work just fine.

Both set ups are shown below I used different wording in each with a link back to the Artists’ Circle blog. Since there are basically two campaigns here

  • Art at Highland on March 28 ‘09
  • Art at St. Kate’s on July 25, ‘09

The messages for each are slightly different... Art at St. Kate’s is not until the summer but the deadline for artist jury submissions is approaching. So those messages are focused at artists who might be interested in submitting for jury review. After the participants have been selected future messages will be focused on attracting consumers to the show.

Tweet Later


The frequency of the messages is designed to trickle over time with a larger spread between messages early on with the time increment decreasing the closer to the event.

Remember that once this is the only time the messages will need to be set up. Once your network starts increasing in size the reach of your messages also increases.

Tomorrow the next step will be to use Key words to trigger a message to be sent out.

 Real time Twitter strategy

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