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Comics and the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary and the Teacher

Themes and learnings

One of the things that helps me write is to find a theme that over time I can build on and use to tuck ideas into.  2008 was mostly about getting my feet wet, testing directions and getting acquainted with you and you with me. In 2009 I’m going to focus on giving you a foundation and then help you build on that foundation throughout the year.

twitter_page Comics and the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary and the Teacher

Before I get into the details I want to tell about the graphic above, it’s my new Twitter background. Why is that important? I’ve been wanting to do one for quite sometime and as usual started out seriously designing, until this morning when I revisited what I had done yesterday. Looking at it I realized it was waaaay to serious, it didn’t really say much about me. So scrapped it and started over. This time I took a “I’m gonna have fun” attitude, and since  I love comic illustration or stories told graphically I used Comic Life together with some photos to design the background. The point is I had fun and more importantly I showed up in a way that put a part of me out there that many don’t see.

That brings us to themes…several years ago I became acquainted with the writings of cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien author of The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary. She spent many years collecting the wisdom of people all over the world and she found that when everything was put together a common theme surfaced that provided a fundamental base for living. She identified four archetypal paths or ways for helping us navigate change that are based on centuries old shamanic traditions practiced by indigenous people and how they managed change.  The masters of change among indigenous peoples were their medicine men, chiefs, shamans, and teachers, the recognized the constant nature of change and took on the role of supportively guiding their communities through life events instead of denying them. Arrien calls for a reconnection to the four archetypal paths  common to  all peoples they are,  The Way of the Warrior, The Way of the Healer, The Way of the Visionary and The Way of the Teacher. Expanded they boil down to:

  • Show up be visible and empower others through example and be present to your life invest in yourself
  • Pay attention to what has heart and meaning to your life
  • Tell the truth without blame or judgement be authentic in brining your life gifts to the world.
  • Be open by not being attached to outcomes so that we may have better access to our own wisdom.

The first step

The first and most important thing we as artists need to do to not only survive the current shifts but also emerge as leaders is to SHOW UP. Showing up means starting that blog by putting  the nurturing and empowering nature of your gifts out there for all to see. A strong part of this is self- investment because without it we are blind. When I designed the Twitter page above I decided to show up, by be authentically visible in a way I have exposed I also invested time in doing so because it reinforced my presence.

Showing up will also put you above the crowd of people who can’t seem to show up, it will place you in a position to lead and lead with authority. Because you will be one of the few who chooses to be present.

So in the coming weeks we will talk more about showing up with your blog will look, we will build the foundation using the “Four Fold Way” above together with practical and creative ways start building the structure of your house. We’ll also talk more about each element can help you overcome your fears and empower you to claim your spot.

How are you going to show up? What are your fears? Will you show up with me?

Please join the conversation and get our tips, techniques, news and support once a week.


twitter3 Comics and the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary and the Teacher

 Comics and the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary and the Teacher

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