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Robin Pedrero on vision and growth

How has your art evolved over time?

homagehomelessherow-copyDesire and necessity are the catalysts in the evolution of my art. I often tell the story of how my two year old painted white oil paint on a portrait I was working on which spurred my investment in the medium of pastel.  I tackled the medium through book instruction, and one class with Herman Marguiles to fall in love with the immediacy and vibrancy of pastels to then become a juried Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America. I have been a portrait artist for over 20 years .  I incorporate faces and figures into my work as well.  Nature has always been my refuge. I believe when we savor nature it creates a space in time to experience the presence of God.  Works from 2001 – 2008 depict landscapes with a focus on the sky. My style has gone from impressionistic to realistic to more contemporary and abstract. Necessity steps in again as I am shipping more and I sought a medium that would not require glass. My health concerns keep me from working in oil regularly; hence acrylic has become my most recent medium. I am discovering that I really enjoy how I can use translucency so effectively in acrylics. So stay tuned to see my newest works and how my work is evolving. and in progress

What is your vision for your art?

My art inspires and brings joy. I believe it makes a difference in people’s lives. I see my work in Museums, galleries, corporations, institutions and collected worldwide.

What do you see your work doing for those who buy it?

People use my artwork differently, most are attracted to it because it speaks to their core. They experience something sacred and personal between themselves and the work. It’s ok if it also matches your decor, let’s be honest here, our homes and offices reflect who we are and if it works in harmony whether matching or eclectic it still works! I teach people to see things in different ways yet communicate on a spiritual level using color, line, form and subject matter. A common response to my work is that people feel a sense of peace, contentment, powerful emotion or joy and I like that!

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ArtWorks Featured

Interview with Robin Pedrero-on marketing

Tell us about your marketing journey…how did you start?

I learned a few things from my mother who did PR for our theater group, when I danced and sang in musicals. Her example taught me to be fearless about just asking or sending something in to the press, radio or TV stations.

When did you discover that you needed to market?

When I moved to Florida in 1988 and began painting portraits for just $25, word of mouth spread the news. Now my portraits are $1200 – $5500, and  people who bought my early work are collecting new work from me. My next move took me away from the community who knew me as an artist. Now, I had to work at building a good reputation as an artist all over again in a new place. I started by landing a show, joined groups, and participated in central Florida art events. As you grow your business you expand your territory. The relationships that you build will carry your business around the world especially if you use social network media.

Do you have a marketing plan, strategy if so please summarize?

My strategy is perseverance and sharing. I never stop working. My goals inspire the marketing I pursue. Most marketing is event and project oriented, building my brand, which is my name, my art. I might be unusual for an artist because I find the business of art fun!

Do you use Social media online alone or do you combine it with off-line efforts?

My first thought is if it is free and I can do it myself I use it, both online and offline. I have paid for ads in magazines, art guides, newspapers and radio broadcasts, yet my own efforts to build and maintain contact with my collectors personally are the most fruitful.

What has been the reaction to your making your work available in non-traditional ways, like mugs, jewelry etc?

In gauging buyers both my art collectors and those who would not typically purchase 2D art are attracted and purchasing.

Has it been successful?

As a new endeavor, I had hoped for more sales, yet I haven’t focused on marketing the products extensively.  I would really like more venues to pick up the products. Would I recommend it? Yes of course! Low overhead, easy shipping and the items make great gifts for my collectors at the touch of my fingertips!

Have you seen it effect sales of originals or prints?

I have had people buy items then later buy originals. I see these items as another form of advertising as well. When products are used they are a conversation piece.

Where do most of your sales come from?

80 % of my sales come from 20% of my collector base. I adore my collectors! It saddens me when I don’t get to know who bought a piece, yet as my sales increase in galleries sometimes that occurs. I do ask my galleries to share a handwritten thank you from me to my new collector.

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ArtWorks Featured

Profile: Robin Pedrero on Motivation, Inspiration and Influence

Tell us about your work?

My work is a visual journey, exploring what calls me, often those things which bring me joy or contemplation. My work is spiritual, color saturated with symbolic and natural elements.

What mediums have you worked in and which is your favorite?

take-the-yellow-road-etsy-copyI have worked in oil, soft pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic, gouche, pen and ink, charcoal, textile, collage, colored pencil, mixed media, photography and assemblage. My favorite is whatever I am working in at the moment to get the effect I desire – ok pastel, no, acrylic, see I can’t play favorites.

How did you get started?

My early memories include painting in kindergarten, as a child I recall many summers drawing on a huge chalk board under a tree. I was always crafting and creating. I began oil painting with master artists when I was 13 years old. I began selling art at 15 in a gift store.

Who has influenced/inspired your art work?

As my work evolves those artists who influence me change. I began as a teen artist drawn to Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Impressionists, Brackman followed by many years while a young mother adoring Renoir, and Cassatt then Bouguereau. My work circa 1990 reflects these interests seen here. Then Turner, Waterhouse ….. and the list grows with more contemporary artists and variations of style. I call my work a visual journey encompassing inspirations in my life; family, friends, travel, nature, meals, introspection, books, art, music and worship. Influences and inspiration are daily occurrences, experienced through all of the senses.

You have written about how music and rhythm influence your work…tell us a little more.

I am always intrigued at how all of the arts inspire and influence one another. Masterpieces encompass multiple art forms; performance, film, fine art, music, dances, etc. Interestingly rhythms in one art form like music can inspire rhythms or creativity in another form like fine art or dance. Rhythm usually brings music or dance to mind, yet it plays more than one part in the life of visual artists. Often I will listen to the same music or series of songs while working on a piece of art. Music sets a mood. We rely on all of our senses to create and music can be stimulating even intoxicating as we inhabit our own world of creation. I play particular music to accommodate looseness in my motions to carry through to the work or another style of music for more detailed concentration. The movements I make in creating can carry the rhythm of what I hear. Many titles to my works of art reference music.

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Artsyfartsy Biz Inspiration: Featured Artists



A few weeks ago we launched our Artsyfartsy Biz Award program and recognized five artists who have actively developed their art into a business. They have each followed their own intuition and instincts to make sure their art gets out into the world in a sustainable way…a way that allows them to be paid for doing what they love and provides value to their buyers. Their journeys have not been linear, or without slips, they have been moving steadily onward learning and growing as they went.

One, if not the,  biggest challenges for artists today is understanding the need to overcome their fear of “selling out”or worse for us geezers the shame instilled by the grand kids. I talked recently about this in an article emphasizing the importance of letting go of old limiting beliefs in order to follow the paths to success now opening up.

One of the key behavior traits of successful people is that they find models and they surround themselves with folks who live, believe and behave the way they would like to. That is why I not only started the award program but also why I am launching the Featured Artist program. Each artist is chosen because they represent the future of art and they do so in a way that allows them to inspire other artists who are trying to find their way in today’s market place. They don’t necessarily represent easy, pretty or neat…they do represent a dedication to their work, their hearts and their vision. They willingly meet the “messiness” of life accepting it for it is demonstrating that living a flat lined life is not an option.

Featured artists will be profiled, their work will be displayed in the image box above the right side bars of this blog, and they will be interviewed with the transcript posted as well. The entire interview will be posted over the course of a couple of weeks instead of all at once to make easier to read.  In addition, I’ll be using these artists periodically as resources for tele-classes, pod casts, and on-line panel discussions.

The current featured artists will come from the Artsyfartsy Biz winners while I add more to the pool. If you would like to nominate someone please feel free to do so by way of the form below or leaving the appropriate info in the comments section, also below.