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Profile: James Philip Pegg – Artist

::: Artist Name::: James Philip Pegg

::: Media::: Illustrator, painting, art photography.

::: Website:::

::: 1 ::: When did you first realize you were an artist? Did you draw as a kid? Color outside the lines?

Being the son of an artist, I had my drawing table next to my dad’s. I think that I was four years old then. Later, on at my tenth birthday, I was given my first camera and that started me in photography.

::: 2 ::: Could you tell us some more about your art and how your life has influenced your art? Where did you get your art training?

Someone once said, "A life’s journey begins and ends with a single breathe bound by the limitations of each man’s intellect, while expanded by the scope of their imagination and compassion. During this journey, accomplishments are judged as either fleeting moments or lasting imprints. Nonetheless, no one escapes the angst of his or her future – no one has been promised his or her tomorrow."

Fortunately, I learned early in life that happiness is found in the complexity of life’s journey; that champions conquer through perseverance and passion they pose the unanswerable questions, and understand others through empathy.

With a little flexibility in our thought processes, we have the power to make the journey one of little regret and much reward. Thus, there is no reason why one’s life should not leave an imprint.

::: 3 :::Does your work have a narrative? Do you use yourself as the subject for your work? Why is that? What are you trying to express with your art?

My inspiration comes from nature itself. I am enamoured with nature, and that admiration has only increased as I age. If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing comes together.

::: 4 ::: What famous artists have influenced you, and how?

My favourite people in the arts are: Victor Hugo, C.S Lewis, (writers). John Waterhouse, Erik James Pegg, Carl Larsson, John Hitsman (painters), Isadora Duncan (dancer), Two of my faviourite ballets are The Red Shoes, and The Tales Of Hoffmann. Rod Mckuen (poet), Fritz Henle , Andriete Le Secq & Julia Margaret Cameron (photographers). Music, I Love it!, Aysegul Yesilnil, Lila Downs, Gloria Estefan, Carmine D’amico, Bebel Gilberto, Fernando Ortega, Eliane Elias, Norah Jones, Stan Getz , and the list goes on.

::: 5 ::: What other interests do you have (besides painting and computer art)?

I love the sea and anything to do with the sea. Sailing, traveling, and nature.

::: 6 ::: How have you handled the business side of being an artist

Like most artists, the business side of being an artist is my least favorite thing to do.

I let my galleries,and publishers handle the business side.

::: 7 ::: What hardware (computer, scanner, printer, etc) do you use?

MacBook, plus a 20"monitor, a Wacom pen and tablet, Canon scanner & printer.

What software?

Photoshop CS, Comic Life Deluxe, Corel Painter X, and a old fashion Drawing board.

::: 8 ::: Has the Internet helped your career as an artist? Do you participate in many Internet groups or galleries?If so, which ones drawn the most responses?

James Philip Pegg on Deviant Art:

James Philip Pegg on Photo Net:

::: 9 ::: What’s the best and worst parts of being a full time, working artist?

The best part of being a full time artist, is choosing my own projects, making my own schedule and being totally in control of my life, and enjoying doing what I like. The worst part is keeping my mind and spirit fresh, 90 % of my art is created in my head and 10 % is in the finish work.

::: 10 ::: What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

My advice for any young person would be that they should practice, practice, practice; just as with any skill practice makes perfect and the harder you work to brush up on your skill the more it will pay off in your work. Art is a pleasurable act and that sensation will fuel you with creativity and dedication late into the night. It is hard work to be an artist and it helps a great deal if you surround yourself with stimulating, like-minded people who are supportive and sharing.Have business cards, and a website as soon as you can to promote your art.