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Apple: C’mon, already… update the MacPro

OK, a general rant on Apple and folks who make their living using Apple computers.

I’ve got a production suite at my photo studio, and another at home. They do the same thing… edit and store images and video. My MacPro at home is from 2006; my MacPro at the studio is from 2009. It has been several years since the line was updated, and the updates were just little housekeeping features_subnav_macthings like slightly faster processors.

Other Mac lines have enjoyed some nifty technology boosts, like Thunderbolt connectivity and USB 3.0 — but you can’t get a MacPro with either. I put an aftermarket USB 3.0 card in my MacPro at the studio and still get USB 2.0 speeds with it. Argh!

Rumors have had it that the MacPro will receive the love this year – but with Apple behind in iPad and iPhone development, who knows if it will happen. All told, I’m admin for five MacPro’s and one aged but still fighting G5. I need to replace at least four of them this year! I’m maxed-out on OS – 10.7.5 is the highest I can go on any of the machines I have.

For years the MacPro ruled the personal computer roost with it’s robust processors, the ability to put a lot of RAM to use, and great graphics speed. Couple that with a case that has four internal hard drive slots and room for two DVD burners, and you had the perfect production machine. Now Windows-based machines have closed the gap and probably surpassed even the MacPro. 

Apple, where’s the love? Don’t forget the people who for years have been your bread and butter, too.

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QuickFix: Why does Pages creates HUGE files?

In an effort to accomodate clients who wish to continue editing content, I sometimes export files out of Pages to .doc for their use. And sometimes, the exported file is so huge its unworkable.

After dealing with this issue a few times, I have come to the conclusion that drag/dropped jpg images in MSWord get somehow corrupted in the conversion to iWork Pages which tries to fix the issue by creating a .pdf out of the image. 

It seems to occur regardless what combination of versions of MSWord and Pages. Why none of the powers-taht-be thought to fix this, I couldn’t say…

When the file is the exported back to MSWord, it inflates to some unimaginably big and unworkable file with thousands of pages and huge images that never load.


Don’t have one. Not an easy one anyway. In the latest incident, I used FileJuicer from EchoOne to extract all the images, which I then batch converted to .jpgs

And then?

 I  replaced each image in my Pages file in the most mundane painful manner:

1.) Choose the image

2.) Insert > Choose


This seems to work pretty well but its time consuming and totally sucks.


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Review: Lens Baby Control Freak

Serendipity” is the way to describe a recent interaction between myself and a colleague of mine. It produced several interesting photographic days for me.
You know:

ser·en·dip·i·ty [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee]
n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: a fortunate stroke of serendipity | a series of small serendipities.

I had just written to Britt Stokes to comment upon the Lensbaby article that he had written and his response was to inform me that he had just dropped my name to the Marketing Manager of the Lensbaby company to suggest that I might enjoy reviewing one of their specialty lenses. He knew me too well; of course I would enjoy it.

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Enjoy Your HD Media on Your Iphone and Computer with Libox

Ran across a new app for both your computer and iPhone that will allow you to share and experience all high quality media for free! That means: no price tags and no limits on how much HD media users can share with friends and family. I love this, as many of my media sharing apps put limits on how much I can upload and how large my files can be. Freedom is great, especially when it’s free!

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