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Offset mounting bracket for Nikon P90

So I love my new Nikon P90, but I don’t love the fact that the battery and memory card are behind an ill designed battery/card door on the bottom of the camera.  Which has a hinge so close to the mounting point that you cannot open the door to get to your memory card and battery while the P90 is on the tripod.   This fact never bubbled to the surface in researching the new camera before purchase, but I thought, well, I’ll just live with it and download the pics over the usb cable.  However, tearing down the camera to get to the battery mid shoot was really getting on my nerves.

So last night I decided to go on a scavenger hunt through my boxes of harvested components, parts, chunks of material, and found a suitable piece of aluminum. I post this here for you photobugs that have a Nikon P90 or any other camera that has the same problem. It’s easy to do if you have a bit of patience.

Problem: My nifty new Nikon P90 (which I love) has the battery and memory card behind a door I can’t open when the camera is on the tripod (which I don’t love.)

Solution: Machine a bracket to mount the camera about an inch over. I had a chunk of square aluminum with a round cut in the top that I could chuck up in the lathe, drill the center hole on the lathe, and tap it for 1/4×20 threads. I then clamped it into the drill press to cut the two holes for the screw, one for the threaded part, one larger to accept the screw head.

Works great, fits great, but skids a bit when it’s installed.  A quick search for something thin and grippy left me with a small square of rubber shelf paper. This keeps the camera from tilting on the screw axis, as it needed JUST a little more area to find purchase. Shelf paper solves the skidding problem.

I had to find a 1/4 x 20 screw and turn it down on the lathe short enough to fit the bracket and the camera.

About two hours in the garage, and I have something that works. It’s very stable, and allows me to get to my battery and memory card without removing the camera from the tripod, which seems to always happen when I get a shot set up.

Problem solved!