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QuickFix: Why does Pages creates HUGE files?

In an effort to accomodate clients who wish to continue editing content, I sometimes export files out of Pages to .doc for their use. And sometimes, the exported file is so huge its unworkable.

After dealing with this issue a few times, I have come to the conclusion that drag/dropped jpg images in MSWord get somehow corrupted in the conversion to iWork Pages which tries to fix the issue by creating a .pdf out of the image. 

It seems to occur regardless what combination of versions of MSWord and Pages. Why none of the powers-taht-be thought to fix this, I couldn’t say…

When the file is the exported back to MSWord, it inflates to some unimaginably big and unworkable file with thousands of pages and huge images that never load.


Don’t have one. Not an easy one anyway. In the latest incident, I used FileJuicer from EchoOne to extract all the images, which I then batch converted to .jpgs

And then?

 I  replaced each image in my Pages file in the most mundane painful manner:

1.) Choose the image

2.) Insert > Choose


This seems to work pretty well but its time consuming and totally sucks.