Digital Lifestyles Media Photography The Not-So-Daily Edition

Photojojo can set your creativity free

No kitsch here. is an original, exciting breath of fresh air. The slightly irreverent tenor and decidedly different ideas and photo projects make this site required reading for photographers and other artists in general.

This self-described "newsletter" of photography has projects with detailed how-to projects (at least enough detail to get you started), as well as some quirky cool photo accessories and services to purchase. The sell isn’t hard, and all the items seem to fall into the category of "things you might have missed" and are appropriate for our digital photography age.

If you want to open your horizons, visit and spend a few minutes or a few hours exploring.

One of my favorites… Tim Hughes reviewed project of photographing vacation icons. To see the article, go to and click the Newsletter tab at the top. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the search box, type in "souvenirs" and click search… in the results, select Michael Hughes’ "Souvenirs" – Bring Your Vacation Souvenirs to Life. Photojojo reports on a fun and funny way to document your next vacation, or even your hometown… one I would not have thought of. Of course, after viewing all these great photography ideas and inspirational how-to articles, you have to go make photos of your own. Good shooting!