Lexmark and Evernote Join Forces

Can office life get any easier?  I’m sure it could, but this gets us one step closer – for sure! This is definitely a “smart solution” for getting rid of those pesky meeting notes, sketches and pretty much all the paper clutter you are dying to store digitally, but have no time to do.

Lexmark Launches Evernote App For Smartsolution Printers
Easy One-Touch Scanning to Evernote Without Requiring a Computer

Evernote announced this week, the availability of the Evernote SmartSolution for three inkjet all-in-one (AIO) printers – Interact, Prestige and Platinum – from Lexmark International, Inc. The Evernote SmartSolution application allows users to send hardcopy scans from the Lexmark device into their Evernote Web account with the touch of a single button, without requiring a computer.

This Evernote application was developed by Lexmark to save users valuable time when they need to store and access information quickly and efficiently from their touch screen printer. After a simple setup process, an Evernote application icon appears on the printer touch screen. Once tapped, the Evernote application sends scans to a pre-configured Evernote account via the web.

For households and small offices with multiple Evernote users, the Web-connected printers can be configured with Evernote icons for each Evernote account, ensuring that everyone can scan to their accounts with a single touch.

“The Lexmark SmartSolution is a great new application platform,” said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “The ease with which one can install and use Evernote on the SmartSolution printers is very impressive. Now, whenever an individual wants to remember something, they just tap the touch screen on their printers and their memory is in Evernote. It’s very simple and elegant.”

Check out this video for more information…


The Evernote SmartSolution application is available for free download at for the Lexmark Interact, Prestige and Platinum Web-connected touch screen printers.