Tech Tips for the left brain challenged

Starting today we will have another regularly scheduled series. This series will be focused on technology tips and short cuts that can help artists. We will include tips for beginners as well…


tech tips4 400x394 Tech Tips for the left brain challenged

Starting today we will have another regularly scheduled series. This series will be focused on technology tips and short cuts that can help artists. We will include tips for beginners as well as experienced computer and internet users. The series will be called  Tech Tips ( pretty creative uhh?).

The idea for the series was one of those light bulb moments( actually more like a DUHHHHH! Moment) that occurred while helping a client. This client along with many who were not born with geek blood often don’t know enough to know what to ask and many seem consider their computers as a place where majikal little gremlins run around  making things difficult. Also many in the 45 + age cohort are intimidated by those youngsters who came out of the womb with a mouse as an appendage.  So…the main goal of this series is to make getting and asking geeky  information without being embarrassed, intimidated or turning yourself into a geek.

A little self disclosure here…I am well into the 45+ age cohort and everything I know I have taught myself. However, I did have an advantage I was born with Geek blood as the son of an engineer and an artist, I know what a mix. I started using computers in high school and no they weren’t hand cranked but they were huge and they did have to be fed with cards sometimes thousands just to get anything to come out. Later in another life I worked with the Forest Service as a graduate design student to develop ways to map visual corridors through forests as a way to control clear cutting. Anyway you get the idea it sort of came natural to me but I know it doesn’t with most….so this is a way for me to share what I’ve collected over the years.

And it is not my intention to hog the content either so this series is VERY open to readers and their tips, tricks and general hacks so please feel free to share using the comment form.

Also don’t be afraid to ask a question I am not guaranteeing an answer right away but sooner or later somebody here may have one. Oh….almost forgot if you are afraid of being embarrassed feel free to use an alias!!

Here are just a few of the categories the tips may fall into:

  • Hardware work arounds or secrets
  • Twitter techniques
  • Software recommendations
  • Web site recommendations
  • Creative uses of technology to market your work
  • Tips & tricks
  • Blog design reviews & tips

Today’s Tips

Three of my favorite Mac apps that can save time:

about 1password Tech Tips for the left brain challenged1 Password

If you have ever gotten tired of trying to remember all your online stuff  or worse yet you can’t find that super-secret note book where all your on-line stuff resides encoded by using your super coder/decoder ring well save your hair… 1Password is the answer. Here’s what you can do with this frustration savior…

Set up your own profile information ( as many variations s you want) and with one click on your browser select the right profile and 1Password will fill it in automatically AND you don’t have to worry about taking up space in your brain with such trivia. Because this little gem will generate a password for you and then store it. So next time you log into one of your password requiring sites you can save your hair along with the screaming and stomping and just click…1Password does the rest.

Guess what is even more cool…it works with both the iPhone and that other one that Obama likes to carry.

skitch3 Tech Tips for the left brain challengedSkitch

Ever wonder how I get all those super cool graphics of my desk top? Well there are hard ways and there are simple ways to get them. Until recently I was suffering through the agonizingly slow process of captureing and annotating screen captures. First the click then the save then to Photoshop to add the text and the arrows then flatten then…you get the picture.

One day during my morning wake up surfing routine I ran across this program that let me do everything ya everything without all the putzing. Now you may ask why do I need that? Well remember that friend’s photo you always wanted to add a mustache and goggles to quickly and then post it on your Facebook page or e-mail it to them…now you can very easily.

One More Tip

Help…my computer is broken it is sooo slowwww I could take a nap while the screen refreshes! Well don’t toss it out the window yet unless of course it runs by hand crank.

The problem may be just molasses in your tubes or a huge traffic jam! Ya see even if you have the most blazingly fast souped up modem thingy  it doesn’t mean didly if  you’ve been surfin’ all day and night along with everybody else in your living arrangement. So try to remember …If the phone company sent a brown box with another box inside and lots of wires with funny things on the ends of them you have DSL and at least the first step is easy peasy. Just reach around the back of that modem box find the power cord and yank that sucker out, count to 60 then plug’er back in, watch the light show and once the green light labeled “internet” is a steady green you’re good to go.

Now if the cable guy came by and hooked’er up that’s a different story cause besides having tubes filled with molasses youinstaller Tech Tips for the left brain challenged may be in the middle of a traffic jam! See, cable networks are all webby like a spider web and if you and everybody else on your block or  in your neighborhood are all surfin’ together…all I can say is ya gotta wait your turn ‘cause you and your neighbors are all fightn’ to get on that super highway. So first thing ya need to do is the same thing I said for the DSL folks…find that power cord give it a yank and count to 60 before ya plug it back in. If that doesn’t work well you could….

Go all nutcase and run up and down your street yell at your neighbors to get offf the party line ‘cause you got important business to tend to.


You could just get up and come back at 2 AM when all your neighbors are snoozin’


You could just decide your stuff isn’t that important anyway and go grab a beer and watch some of the other kinda tube.

 Tech Tips for the left brain challenged

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