The Power of the Few

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In his book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Malcom Gladwell notes that one of the key factors important in creating a movement  (in our language that =art) is the Power of the The Few. Over and over products, people, actions, and movements  move from obscurity to popularity, from low parrticipation to celebrity status as a result of the actions of a few key players. He calls these people…CONNECTORS. Through their network of friends, aquaintances and inate love of collecting people the connectors bring the right people together. They are the ones who say ” I know Bob who knows Sarah, let me give Bob a call”. In most cases these connectors main goal is not to be seen as “the go-to” person but rather they delight in collecting people.

As we have talked earlier, we are in the early stages of the birth of a new way of doing things and for artists that means being able to build and rely on your network or tribe of supporters and followers. The first thing that should be on list in building your network is identifying the connectors because they are the ones who cary the most water for you and do so gladly. They are the ones who easily say “I know someone who would really like your work” and proceed to send not one but several people to you at your next show.

Do you know who your connectors are? What do they look like? Where do they hang out?

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conv The Power of the Few

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Bill Weaver is an award winning photographer, visual artist and designer. Bill has worked as an artist, designer, teacher and photographer beginning at a very young age. His mother was a prolific painter and his father was an architect/engineer and inventor. Bill began photography at the ripe age of 8 when he successfully talked his father into letting him use one of his WWII “liberated” cameras from then on he has seldom put a camera down. He was recently informed by his 89 yr old father that the circa 1930 enlarger he used through college was still available! He also started drawing and painting at an early age using everything from watercolor to charcoal. He combined his visual awareness in graduate school where he first learned his love of design.

Bill Created The after 15 years as a working clay artist and photographer led him to question the standard ways artists market their work. In 2004 along with 3 other artists, Brenna Busse, Erika Mock,and Frank Barr, he explored ways to educate the public about the value of hand made work and fine art. Brenna and Erika are contributing writers to The ARTISTScenter.
He also can be found on his photography blog and his photography site

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